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Safe Church

A national code

For personal behaviour And the practice of pastoral ministry By clergy and church workers Adopted by Diocese of Grafton Anglican Church of Australia 2005 Amended by Grafton Synod May 2006


This Code is intended to identify the personal behaviour and practices of pastoral ministry that will enable clergy and church workers to serve faithfully those among whom they minister. If the behaviour and practices it outlines are followed, our communities will be safer places for everyone, where integrity is honoured, accountability is practised and forgiveness encourages healing and does not conceal misconduct.

1. Faithfulness in Service

2. Bully Proof Churches

3. Safe Ministry Training

4. Safe Ministry Professional Standards Unit

5. Privacy Policy

6. Protocol for Dealing with Complaints of Sexual AbuseĀ 

7. Code of Conduct

8. Grievance Process

9. Flow Chart for Grievance Process