Memorial Garden

What is a Memorial Garden?

St Andrew’s Memorial Garden was dedicated by Rt. Rev. Philip Huggins, Bishop of Grafton on the 29th March, 1998. The Garden is located at the eastern end of St Andrew’s Anglican Parish Church Lismore, and is designed to be a tranquil place where one can quietly reflect and remember their departed loved ones, especially those whose ashes are interred in the garden.

How are the ashes interred?

The ashes of loved ones are respectfully removed from the urn and buried within the attractive garden setting. They are not scattered. 

Is a Christian Memorial Ceremony held with the interment of ashes?

This is optional. Arrangements are made in accordance with the wishes of the family.

Are Memorial plaques used?

Because the garden is not divided into individual sections or lots, no memorial plaques are used. However, personal details of the departed are entered into the Memorial Record Book housed in a locked glass bookcase in the north transept of St Andrew’s Anglican Parish Church.

What is the Memorial Record Book?

There are two books: one records details of the departed whose ashes are actually interred in the Memorial Garden. The second book records memorials to those who are buried or cremated elsewhere. The second book also records the names of Foundation Donors and their nominated memorials. Both books use special archive quality acid-free paper, and will provide a reliable source of family history information for future generations.
Can I see the Memorial Record Book?

The Memorial Record Book is accessible whenever the church building is open, including during worship services. Special arrangements can also be made through the Parish Office (see below).

How long will the Memorial Garden last?

The Memorial Garden is an integral and permanent part of the heritage-listed Anglican Parish Church of St Andrew, Lismore and will remain so indefinitely.

Is interment only available for those who have been members of the Anglican Church?

No. The garden is available to anyone.

How much does it cost?

As at 1st September 2013 the total cost is $250.

Can I pre-pay for interment of ashes?

Yes. This can be arranged through St. Andrew’s Anglican Parish office (see below for details).

What happens with fees paid?

All funds received in connection with the Memorial Garden are recorded, receited and disbursed in accordance with the fiduciary principles established by our Parochial Council, being:

(i)                  Payment of Memorial Garden establishment and development costs;

(ii)                Contribution to ongoing costs of beautification of church grounds;

(iii)              Contribution to the general ministry expenses of the parish including maintenance of the parish plant;




Flowers in the garden…resting,

when our Lord was there,

praying for His people,

that they may ever share.


Flowers in the garden… resting,

when our Lord was there,

waiting for the new dawn,

the light of God to share.

by Arthur J Reed