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St Andrews Anglican Church, Zadoc Street, Lismore invites those who wish to place flowers or mementos in memory of those lost in the MH17 atrocity to do so around the edges of our memorial garden at the east (Keen St) end of the church near . . . → Read More: MH17

The Treasure of the Kingdom

Matthew 13:44-58 -The Treasure of the Kingdom

Would it not be wonderful to find a great treasure in a field? How quickly we would sell everything we owned to take possession of that field. Similarly with the discovery of a unique pearl. How quickly . . . → Read More: The Treasure of the Kingdom

Weeds Ain’t Necessarily Weeds

Weeds Ain’t Necessarily Weeds

This week’s readings may appear at first glance to be judgmental. But if we read more closely we find the common theme is a celebration of the God who is moving the universe according to his purpose where good . . . → Read More: Weeds Ain’t Necessarily Weeds

Bishop Sarah’s SERMON: Lismore 9 July 2014

‘Come to me, all you that are weary and carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.’


Some years ago I spent two weeks in Jamaica at a meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council, cocooned in the Hotel Pegasus in downtown Kingston. We . . . → Read More: Bishop Sarah’s SERMON: Lismore 9 July 2014

‘My yoke is easy…’

‘My yoke is easy…’

It’s the harsh irony of the discipleship life: the more we give the more we receive and the more we have; the more we surrender control the more we discover that God has things under control.

Jesus beckons us: ‘Come . . . → Read More: ‘My yoke is easy…’