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O Lord, It’s Hard To Be Humble

It seems our lives are spent endlessly standing in line and waiting.

We join lines at the supermarket checkout, the pie cart, the hospital emergency department, the bank, the service station, the airport and the theatre: it’s only fair that we wait for something . . . → Read More: O Lord, It’s Hard To Be Humble

Who do you say that I am?

Welcome to Church everyone as we consider the all-important question; who is Jesus? C.S. Lewis, one of the greatest Christian thinkers of the 20th Century, in his book Mere Christianity, had this to say about Jesus’ true identity;

“I am trying here to prevent anyone . . . → Read More: Who do you say that I am?



This is our second week talking about the Christian creeds. Last week we looked at the Apostles Creed and this week we focus on the Nicene Creed.




A potted history


“We Believe”

How would we feel if we had to declare the Nicene Creed in front of friends or colleagues who do not share our faith? To recite the Creed is courageous. We are exposing ourselves to accusations of being naive, bigoted, arrogant and credulous.

. . . → Read More: “We Believe”

The Apostles Creed: What do I believe?

apostles creed

Why is it so difficult to tell others about our Christian faith? Are we really clear about what it is we hold to be true?

How do we tell others about the mysteries at the heart of our faith: . . . → Read More: The Apostles Creed: What do I believe?

Apostles Creed

The Apostle’s Creed


The Apostle’s Creed, despite its title, was not written by the apostles, but first appeared as a baptismal confession in 2nd Century Rome. It was initially formulated to combat against an early distortion of the Christian Faith known as Gnosticism. Put . . . → Read More: Apostles Creed

Where your treasure is

earthly treasure

Welcome to Church today!

Our gospel reading reminds us that we shouldn’t be worrying about earthly things like what we eat, or wear, or about our bodies and how well they’re ageing. In fact we shouldn’t worry even . . . → Read More: Where your treasure is

What is Stewardship?

Welcome to Church everyone. Today we are focusing on the second and final message in our series on stewardship. But what exactly is stewardship? Well, stewardship, at least within a Christian context, can be described as “The utilizing and managing of all . . . → Read More: What is Stewardship?