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An Unexpected Faith

Jesus with the Centurion and Jewish Elders

In this week’s gospel passage from Luke (7:1-10) we find Jesus the Jew commending a Roman centurion – a gentile – for his great faith, which was shown in several ways:

First, upon . . . → Read More: An Unexpected Faith

Trinity Sunday


Welcome to Church today as we consider the complexity of God!

We may accept it, and I trust we do, but the Trinity, God in three persons, remains a mystery which is hard to comprehend and explain. And on many levels . . . → Read More: Trinity Sunday

Beautiful Feet Sunday

More than 4.8 billion people do not know Christ. Over 1.5 billion people have never heard the message of Jesus or met a Christian.

Help CMS missionaries to train and equip local Christians in strategic locations – to set people free with the . . . → Read More: Beautiful Feet Sunday

Words of Affirmation


National Day of Thanksgiving

I’ve encounter an attitude amongst some Christians, who whilst they believe we should express our thankfulness to God, are hesitant to show any appreciation to their fellow Christians, lest they become puffed up with pride and the glory . . . → Read More: Words of Affirmation

If You Love Me

It seems to be human nature to demand tangible proof before believing in things that are outside our realm of experience – especially when they seem too good to be true.

When Philip asks for evidence of the reality of God’s presence . . . → Read More: If You Love Me

Pentecost Sunday


The Israelites had been aware of certain persons in their midst, unpredictable and untameable, in whom the Spirit of YHWH dwelt. They spoke his word, led his people, encouraged, rebuked, prayed for and agonized over Israel. They were a sign of . . . → Read More: Pentecost Sunday

One with the Father

. . . → Read More: One with the Father

Becoming Heavenly Focused

Becoming Heavenly Focused


the way

At first glance, today’s focus passage seems to give credence to the saying which Christians are often mocked with; that because we are so heavenly minded we are no earthly good. But what exactly does it mean . . . → Read More: Becoming Heavenly Focused

Messy Church Goonellabah

Messy Church First Sunday of each month 2013 (next 5 May) at St Peter’s, 53 Deegan Drive Goonellabah

Come when you can, go when you must.




Messy Church is a chance for young families to have fun, relax, explore . . . → Read More: Messy Church Goonellabah