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Becoming Who We Are



In the opening two verses of our focus passage from Colossians, Paul neatly sums up the message of his entire letter. He draws together all the Christological statements from his introduction and the practical implications which are to arise out . . . → Read More: Becoming Who We Are

Love One Another – For God’s Sake

love one another

Chapter 13 of John’s gospel begins with Jesus washing his disciples’ feet in the upper room on the eve of their last supper together, then moving to that chilling moment when Jesus indicates who will betray . . . → Read More: Love One Another – For God’s Sake

Thoughts on This Week’s Lectionary Readings

Thoughts on This Week’s Lectionary Readings: (thanks to Roy Cowin)

John 10: 22-30

Anniversaries provide a good reason to gather to reflect, reminisce, and realign our focus. It is sometimes a temptation to focus on the institution of the church, rather than on the . . . → Read More: Thoughts on This Week’s Lectionary Readings

Parish Planning Day

planning day

Help us plan for the future.

1.30pm-4pm Sunday 21st April

at St. Peter’s Goonellabah

All welcome.

Hi all,

I’m Looking forward to catching up with you at the Planning day this Sunday!

If possible would you each bring . . . → Read More: Parish Planning Day

Gone Fishing

the risen Lord

The final chapter of John’s Gospel recounts the rehabilitation and the reinstatement of the Apostle Peter and supplies important information about the shape and nature of his subsequent ministry. It also concludes by emphasising Jesus’ teaching on . . . → Read More: Gone Fishing

Becoming Worthy

Welcome to Church today! Today, we’re looking at what it means to be a Christian, and to live a life that’s worthy of God! Paul wrote this letter to a young church in Colossae, (modern South West Turkey) while he . . . → Read More: Becoming Worthy

Peace Be With You

peace be with you

In John’s Gospel, Jesus is the very Word of God, one with God (John 1:1). He is the one Word that brings peace. The days following Jesus’ death and mysterious resurrection is a . . . → Read More: Peace Be With You