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Messy Church Goonellabah

messy church

First Sunday of each month 2013 at St Peter’s, 53 Deegan Drive Goonellabah





Messy Church is a chance for young families to have fun, relax, explore faith and enjoy a meal together on a Sunday . . . → Read More: Messy Church Goonellabah

Repent or Perish

parable of the fig tree

Most of us heard someone ask, “How can God allow that to happen?” Perhaps it was the tragic loss of a child, or a marriage, or a natural disaster affecting countless innocent victims. It’s human nature . . . → Read More: Repent or Perish

Aussie Sunday Lunch

Dear all,

Just a quick reminder about the Aussie Sunday Lunch that Southern Cross Uni is arranging through local churches for International Students this Sunday 24th Feb.

Tristan and I are running a Bible study for International Students this year, which Tristan started up last . . . → Read More: Aussie Sunday Lunch

Movie Time

Ice-Age- 4

Saturday Nite Movie at St Peter’s

Feb. 23 at 7.00pm,

$7.00 includes dessert, $14 per family



Real Temptation; Real Victory!

Welcome to our Combined Service for our entire Church family!

jesus tempted

Today we gather to worship God, to think afresh about Mission and to seek his direction and blessing in the life of our Parish through our Annual General Meeting.

Our . . . → Read More: Real Temptation; Real Victory!

Goonellabah Youth Group

O2C Goonellabah Youth Group High School yrs 7 to 12


awsome youth group leaders

St. Peter’s

53 Deegan Drive Goonellabah

Meets every Friday night 7pm to 9pm.

$3 per person (includes supper as well as the entertainment).

Contact Rev. Lyndon 0427655863

. . . → Read More: Goonellabah Youth Group

It’s Good To Be Here


“Jesus took with him Peter and John and James and went up on the mountain to pray.” [Luke 9:28]


Perhaps you’ve had times on the mount: precious moments when you thought you’d burst with joy; perhaps it was . . . → Read More: It’s Good To Be Here

The Greatest of These is Love

A Prayer for Love: God of infinite love, deliver us from the unloveliness in our world. Empower us to love as broadly, as fully and as completely as you love us.

When we are faced with others’ shortcomings . . . → Read More: The Greatest of These is Love