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A Private Moment With Jesus

A Private Moment With Jesus

What if you could sit with Jesus for a private chat? What would you ask him? What do you think Jesus would say? Would you feel awkward? Excited? Afraid?

For many this idea is wonderful! An amazing opportunity! But . . . → Read More: A Private Moment With Jesus

Faith in Jesus Alone

Welcome to Church today!

Our passage from Acts 15.1-21 focusses our attention on the first Church Council at Jerusalem, called to deal with a major issue that arose in the church. The trickle of pagan converts to Christianity had become a flood, and they who . . . → Read More: Faith in Jesus Alone

Jesus, The Great High Priest

Jesus, The Great High Priest


The writer to the Hebrews moves on from Jesus as the Son of God, to Jesus, our great high priest, a title given him nowhere else in the New Testament.

Aaron (5:4) was appointed by God as the first . . . → Read More: Jesus, The Great High Priest

Mission or Maintenance?

Mission or Maintenance? Acts 14:1-28


Much has been said of late about whether the Church should be in mission mode instead of maintenance mode. This issue has been raised out of concern for the decline in church attendance over the past several decades coupled . . . → Read More: Mission or Maintenance?

Wealth and Honour

Wealth and Honour

Wealth and honour go hand in hand. Wealthy people expect to be honoured by the offer of positions on boards or organisations. There are many extremely wealthy people in Australia and yet less than one per cent of these are generous in . . . → Read More: Wealth and Honour

Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention – Acts 12:1-25


Welcome to Church everyone as we continue our sermon series through the Acts of the Apostles. This Sunday we are focusing on Acts 12:1-25 and the theme of ‘Divine Intervention.’ The passage, which draws a contrast between the destructive . . . → Read More: Divine Intervention

Some thoughts on Marriage and Divorce

Some thoughts on Marriage and Divorce

St. Mark’s Gospel 10:2-16

From Jesus’ teaching, God’s will concerning marriage is that it should be a life-long partnership. Just as Jesus had developed the Mosaic Law about loving your enemy; so he develops the Mosaic rule concerning DIVORCE. . . . → Read More: Some thoughts on Marriage and Divorce

Trellis and Vine Workshop


Bring your leadership team and come away with some fresh thinking and planning for equipping disciples of Jesus to be disciple-makers (Matthew 28:18-20).

Venue: Mudgeeraba Presbyterian Church

October 12-13, 2012, 10 am – 4 pm each . . . → Read More: Trellis and Vine Workshop

Ordinary Christians

“Ordinary” Christians!

Welcome to Church! If you’re visiting us today; a very warm and special welcome to you! We hope you enjoy your time with us, as we consider the impact of “Ordinary” Christians!

Extra-Ordinary people!

In our passage today we’re reminded . . . → Read More: Ordinary Christians