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St Pete’s Goonellabah Weekend Away

St Pete’s Goonellabah Weekend Away – Camp Drew Lennox Head

Commencing Friday 24 Feb 6.00pm wityh dinner

Ending Saturday28 Feb at 10.00am.

Heaps of free time with lots of opportunities to grow in our friendships, Bible talks and small group discussions.

All meals included, but . . . → Read More: St Pete’s Goonellabah Weekend Away

In Word and Deed

In Word and Deed

(Mark 1:21-28) If Mark’s Gospel were to be made into a movie that you could rent out from your local video store, it would undoubtedly be found in the ‘Action’ section. For in Mark’s Gospel, we learn through a variety of . . . → Read More: In Word and Deed

Young Leaders in Training 2012

Young Leaders in Training 2012

On the way to Lit2012 in training. Danielle Scott, Kenneth McDonald, Jordigan Clapham, Blayd Reid, Joe Harris, David Hatchman, Caleb Harris, Rebecca Weir.

On the train heading back to the airport, to fly home after an AWESOME week . . . → Read More: Young Leaders in Training 2012

Come, Follow Me!

Come, Follow Me!

Mark 1: 14-20

It comes as a shock when we realise that Jesus pays no attention to our likes or dislikes.

When he calls us into discipleship – to follow him into his service – Jesus demands that we set aside . . . → Read More: Come, Follow Me!

Am I reluctant to Follow Our Lord???

Am I reluctant to Follow Our Lord???

(Jonah 3:1-10)

Jonah had been so anxious to avoid giving Our Lord’s Message to the citizens of Nineveh that he had at first set off in the opposite direction and hopped on a boat bound for Spain!

. . . → Read More: Am I reluctant to Follow Our Lord???

Come and See

COME AND SEE – (John 1:43-51

Welcome to Church everyone. Today is the second Sunday after Epiphany and our Gospel reading certainly emphasises this theme, as we see that both Philip and Nathanael, on encountering Jesus, had an epiphany, that is a revelatory insight, into . . . → Read More: Come and See

The Baptism of Our Lord

The Baptism of Our Lord

Today we look at the Baptism of Repentance that was performed by John the Baptiser, and the Holy Spirit Baptism that has come through our Lord Jesus Christ. John was a remarkable man and a great preacher, who knew how . . . → Read More: The Baptism of Our Lord

Happy New Year

Welcome to church today as we think about some New Year’s resolutions that we pray will last!

Today we look at Jesus set on the path to fulfil the requirements of the Law, and at our own redemption through faith in Him. The Gospel . . . → Read More: Happy New Year