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Welcome to the Anglican Parish of Lismore

Parish Office is located behind St Andrew’s Church Office hours are 9am to 1pm Monday to Friday (closed Public Holidays)

Emergency Food Parcells are handed out from 9am to 1pm Monday to Friday

St Andrews Re-opening Sunday 26th July, 2020

Re-Opening of St Andrew’s  

We have now been given permission to re-open St Andrew’s for public worship. It will be a service of Prayer, Praise and Proclamation, the same as what we have been doing online.  The service will commence at 8.30am on Sunday. To ensure that we are compliant with being COVID Safe we are asking those who come along to adhere to certain requirements.  We will need to maintain social distancing and good handwashing and sanitising practises.  We will need to record contact details of those who come.  There will be no congregational singing in the church.  We will not be allowed to take up a collection.    You will need to book in that you are coming. 

There are two ways to book in.

1 On eventbrite.com.au/e/113573714036 you can get tickets to come along.

2 Call the Parish office

We have allocated 50 tickets to each method and they won’t be available until Monday morning 8am (20/7/2020).

We face a very unpleasant task that if we get over the 100 allowed in the building that we will need to turn people away.  Some have indicated that they will be willing to give up a seat in the event of someone else turning up.  If you are willing to do that then can you please let us know.  I don’t think we will need to turn anyone away, our combined services have not been getting more than 100 recently but you simply never know and it is better to be prepared.

In the church you will only be allowed to sit in household groups and at allocated spaces.

The service will still be “broadcast” on the parish facebook page at 8.30 am and will be uploaded to youtube later in the day.  If you don’t feel confident to come back the services will still be available to watch online.

After the first service on the 26th of July, the leadership will assess how it went and how we proceed with resuming normal service times. So I guess it means watch this space for advice on how we get back to some semblance of normal.  Tied up with resumption of normal service times is the re-opening of the other centres.  Each individual church building needs permission and now that we have the process worked out for St Andrew’s we will work at getting permission for the other centres.

Again I want to thank everyone for their patience during this time, it has meant a lot to know that we are supported in the decisions we are making.

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/anglicansofLismore

Youtube. www.youtube.com/user/saintandrewlismore

Each week a video of our Sunday Service will be put on Facebook and our YouTube channel. www.youtube.com/user/saintandrewlismore or https://upload.latest.facebook.com/watch

We have a new email address:






Parish Office  is located behind St Andrew’s Church


Wednesday Lunch Time Music Concerts at 12 O’clock(Noon) every second week.


Next concert will be on Wednesday the 11th August, , at Noon (12 O’Clock).


Watch on our Facebook page


St Andrews  Lismore:



Wednesday: In Recess due to COVID 19

10am Care and Share Morning Tea (in recess in January)

 11am Holy Communion

Morning Prayer and Intercession

In Recess due to COVID 19

8am Morning Prayer,
Monday to Friday at
St Andrew’s Lismore Lady Chapel.

St Matthews Dunoon In Recess due to COVID 19

Sunday 10am Holy Communion(No services in January)

St Mark’s Nimbin  In Recess due to COVID 19

Sunday 10am fourth Sunday of the Month. 

St Thomas Wyrallah: In Recess due to COVID 19

5pm 2nd Sunday of the month Community BBQ.

5pm 3rd Sunday of the month Evening Prayer

5pm 4th Sunday of the month Holy Communion

No services in January

St Peter’s Goonellabah: In Recess due to COVID 19

6pm first Sunday of the Month Movie Night. (No movie in January)


The Anglican Parish of Lismore is a friendly and diverse faith community embracing the Rainbow Region centres of  Dunoon, Goonellabah, Lismore, Nimbin and Wyrallah where we have church buildings.
The Anglican Parish of Lismore holds regular services at local retirement villages and nursing homes, aged care facilities, and participate in combined inter-church worship services and other activities in a range of venues and local churches.

We are a welcoming Christian community with a variety of worship styles, mission projects, outreach ministries, fellowship, prayer and study groups.

We share a deep desire to faithfully represent Jesus and live out His teaching in ways which reflect Christ’s example.

What does our Faith Community look like?

Our multicultural faith community includes a large number of African worshippers and resettled refugees from southern Sudan, many of whom are now naturalized Australian citizens. They bring a deep faith and personal energy to our community. Other nationalities represented include Sierra Leone, Kenya, Solomon Islands, Congo, Sri Lanka, Germany, Holland, and Japan.

Music is an important component of our worship, and we are blessed with a diverse group of musicians and accompanists who offer their gifts to God’s glory.

Various modern combos, unplugged ensembles and larger lineups featuring rock worship bands and brass are used according to need and availability.