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Work out your Salvation

Work out your salvation!

work out your salvationGreat to see you here at Church today as we think about what it means to ‘work out our salvation’! A special welcome to you if you’re visiting us today! We hope you enjoy your time with us, as we consider this important passage in the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Philippians.

Today’s passage starts with “Therefore my beloved”. It’s an application of the section before it. In verses 9-11 it talks about Jesus’ obedience to God the Father, and so Verses 12-30 are about how, like Jesus, we need to be obedient, too.

In these verses there’s a balance between what we’re to do, and what God is doing for us. Here we find that we’re told to “obey”, “work”, “do”, “be blameless”, “be innocent”, “shine”, “hold fast” and “rejoice”!

We’re also reassured that “God is at work” and that “we are God’s children”. Paul isn’t saying that we’re not saved yet, and he’s not saying that we have to work for our salvation. We’re not saved by our good works.

The idea here is more like we are ‘cooperating’ with God in the salvation we already have!

And so may we all humble ourselves like Jesus, and continue to cooperate with God, to the honour and glory of his Holy Name!