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We’re on a mission from God

We’re on a mission from God…



We’re on a mission from God was the constant refrain of Elwood from the classic film ‘The Blues Brothers.’ No matter what difficulties or resistance the Blues Brothers encountered along the way they would not let anything hinder them from accomplishing what they understood to be their God ordained mission. Now whilst their mission was clearly dubious and therefore to be taken comically, it does provide us with a way in to understanding today’s reading from Mark 1:29-45.

After the amazing reception Jesus received from those who attended his ministry in the Synagogue, which resulted in his fame spreading rapidly throughout the region, providing ongoing ministry opportunities, one would assume, as the disciples did, that the focus of his ministry was to be a worker of miracles. However, early the next morning, Jesus quietly slips away to a secluded place to pray. His disciples, led by Simon, seem to think that he was making a big mistake not capitalizing on the huge potential that his recent publicity had brought. But Jesus, knowing his purpose, refused to be sought out as a mere miracle worker. Instead, he wanted to be recognized as a saviour.

You see, Jesus time spent in prayer galvanized in his mind what he was to be about. He was on a mission from God which stretched far beyond performing miracles in the local area but ultimately encompassed the offer of salvation to the entire world. Nothing was going to stop him from accomplishing this purpose, for he was indeed, on a mission from God.