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Using God’s Strength

Using God’s Strength

Using God’s StrengthWelcome to church today! We hope you discover the joys of being part of a family where Jesus’ love can be seen by words and actions.

This week we continue our journey with Jesus as he begins his earthly ministry of teaching and healing with his small band of disciples who have left everything to follow him.

Jesus’ reputation spreads quickly after several spectacular healings and the crowds flock to him bringing the sick and afflicted.

Simon Peter’s mother-in-law returns to health after an encounter with Jesus and is a fine example of dedication and service as she immediately sets herself to work in God’s name.

Popularity brings increasing demands on Jesus and his team. However it’s in the in-betweens that we catch a glimpse of Jesus’ attitude to prayer and spending time with the Father as a means of spiritual and physical refreshment. For Jesus, prayer is not simply an exercise or a ritual but the very breath of life itself.

Jesus never mentioned unanswered prayer. He had the absolute certainty that prayer to the Father is always answered.

Do we share his certainty? Do we expect God to answer prayer? Do we think that our prayers have gone unheard because God chooses to respond in ways we may not recognise or prefer?

God answers prayer in the best way – not some of the time – but every time. Only when we discover the deep joy of ‘praying without ceasing’ do we glimpse that intimate relationship with our Father that was so natural to our Lord.