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The Bulletin Sunday 7th May, 2017 Easter 4 Year A

Anglican Parish of Lismore

Easter 4                                        7 May 2017


Parish Contact Details


open Mon—Fri (9.00am-1.00pm)

19 Keen St

PO Box 378

Lismore 2480

p:         (02) 6621 3200

m:        0412 657 036

f:          (02) 6622 8941



Social Media


Lismore Anglicans



Rev Christian Ford

e:         rector@lismoreanglicans.org.au

m:        0419 642 294

day of rest: Friday


Rev Alan Shaw


day of rest: Monday



St Andrew’s, Lismore

Sun      7.30 am Holy Communion

9.30 am Family Service

8:30am 5th Sunday

Combined Parish Service

Mon-Fri 8.30 Morning Prayer

Wed    11 am Holy Communion



Sun 10 am Holy Communion


Sat  5.00 pm Contemporary Service


Sun 5 pm (3rd & 4th Sunday)

Nimbin Sun  10 am Holy Communion (4th Sunday)


Hearing Loop (for the Hearing Impaired). First 5 rows from the front in the Nave of St. Andrew’s Church

Toilets (inc. Disabled) Inside St. Andrew’s Parish Hall. M & F also outside down steps west end of Hall.

Baby Change Station: Located in disabled toilets in Parish hall.

Mobile Phones: Please turn your mobile phone to silent during worship services.

Parking in Church grounds: Please be considerate of those who have mobility issues.

Large Print Prayer Books: Available from sides-people at the back of Church




Lismore Anglicans





This Sunday Easter 4

Acts 2: 14a, 36-41

Psalm 116 1-4, 11-18p346 (Prayer Book)

1 Peter 1: 13-25

Luke 24: 13-35



Next Sunday Easter 5

Acts 7: 55-60

Psalm 31: 1-5, 17-18 p250 (Prayer Book)

1 Peter 2: 11-25

John 14: 1-14




Minute with the Minister…



Minute with the Minster:


The Long and Winding Road

 Luke 24:13-35

 When we think about applying the Gospel to everyday life, ideas like resurrection can seem impractical. As we discovered in the Easter story, resurrection is actually happening all around us –– it’s what God is already doing in small and larger ways in the wider world – and in our everyday lives – if only we have eyes to recognise and hearts willing to surrender to God’s call to cooperate with him as partners in his work.

And it’s in the gathering together and the sharing of bread in the sacraments that we open ourselves to God’s divine work of opening our eyes, moving us from blindness to sight, from disbelief to confession and faith, from sadness to delight, from confusion to understanding.

When disasters such as floods strike, we are called to respond to Christ at work amongst grief, anxiety, loss and suffering.

When creation is threatened by ill-considered mining ventures or thoughtless acts of vandalism or littering, we are called to respond to the Christ who gave life to the universe.

When conflict and violence harms innocent people, and when dictators unleash military might against their own, we are called to respond to the Christ who brings justice and peace.

As the hands and feet of Jesus, we are called to rescue, heal and restore whenever the life of the world is threatened. We can choose to ignore that call and focus only on ourselves, or we can choose to be a part of God’s life-giving work.

The disciples experienced the risen Christ as a person, and as a fire burning within them – a fire that drove them to take the gospel to the farthest reaches of the known world.

Once we’ve encountered the risen Christ we are bound to likewise share our experience; to tell others of the power of the risen Christ, and so draw others into God’s life.

Whether by prayer, contribution, volunteering or voting, our task is to remain always open to God’s life wherever it may break out, and to be ready to respond by sharing that grace and life with others.

Rev. Alan Shaw.




This week we pray for…

Pray Points:

  • Give thanks for the volunteers, generosity of the people and all who have helped at this difficult time


The sick: Olive Sheaffe, Joan Sheaffe, Peg Parry, Len Clapham, Marie Wilson, Bernice Robinson, Wendy, Stan Heywood and Margaret Doyle.


The bereaved: We remember Cheryl Ann Leigh, Margaret Forrest and all who have gone before and pray for their families and friends.


The Anglican Parish of Lismore in the Diocese of Grafton is committed to protecting your privacy.

The people on this sick list have requested prayers at this time. Please inform the Parish Office of any changes.


Aged Care Services

Caroona Marima 2nd Mon 11am

RSL Chauvel 1st Tues 10.30am

Caroona Jarman 4th Wed 10:00am

Caroona Kalina 4th Wed 11am

St Joseph’s 4th Thurs 11am

Fromelles Manor 1st Fri 11am

Mary’s Grange 2nd Fri 9.30am


Parish Activities

Contact the office for details

Toddler Time 9.30 am Mon in Parish Hall.

Intercessory Prayer Group 8.30 am Tues in St Andrew’s.

Bellringers Wed 5pm & Fri 5:30pm


Parish Council 3rd Tues 7pm in Parish Hall

Court Care Mon 9am

Parish Op Shop Mon-Fri 9-4,   Sat 9-12, 54 Rous Rd, Goonellabah

Prayer Chain

Wyrallah Community BBQ 2nd Sun 5pm


Bible Study/Home Groups

Contact the Office for details

Sun 1.30 pm

Mon 7.30 pm

Wed 10 am

Thurs 7.30 pm


Welcome to all as we gather to honour and worship the one true God. Please join us for a cuppa in the hall next door after the services


Anglicare Disaster Recovery (ADR), Lismore NEEDS MORE MEMBERS.

A meeting in the Parish Hall will be held at 7pm Friday, 19th May, 2017 to share some our experiences of working in the Evacuation Centre at SCU during recent flood, and discuss ADR’s role during disasters. Come and be encouraged to attend a training day, probably 22nd July or consider other ways you could help.


St Peter’s Goonellabah: As of 22nd April, 2017 we will be changing the Sunday Church service at St Pete’s to Saturday 5pm. This will be a 6 month trial.


Sunday School: We are in need of volunteer helpers for this vital ministry to continue and grow. Please contact the office, speak to Brenda after church or place your name on the list at the back of St Andrews if you can help out.


Lunch at Dunoon Sports & Recreation Club: 12:00 noon 28th May, 2017. All welcome. Please ring the office if you are going to attend. Definite numbers are required by Monday 22nd May, 2017. The club will not open if there are insufficient numbers.


TODAY Lismore Parish Pathways Programme: 1pm Sunday 7th of May, 2017.in the Parish Hall there is a meeting of all Parish Councillors, Ministry Leaders and all parishioners interested in the future of our Parish. You might recall in his report to the AGM Rev Christian Ford mentioned the Pathways Programme. This meeting will be a chance for us to really start working on the Programme. The afternoon will be an interactive program in which we discuss how we organise the ministry at Lismore Anglican Church. Everyone is encouraged to attend and make a contribution to the future of our church.


Clergy Retreat: Rev. Christian and Rev. Alan will be on a clergy retreat

Monday 15th to Thursday 18th May, 2017.


Safe Ministry Training: Is it 3 years since you attended a workshop?

Full Day Course                                 Thursday 11th May, 2017 – St Mary’s Ballina or

Friday 12th May, 2017 – Registry Office Grafton or

Saturday 13th May,2017 – St Nicholas’ Sawtell.

Cost $30. To register please collect your Registration form from the office or in your church.


Faithfulness in Service Workshop: A Diocesan requirement for Clergy, Licensed Lay Ministers, Parish Councillors, Co-ordinators of Parish Ministries, Helpers involved in family and children’s ministry, people contact ministries e.g. office volunteers, Op Shop workers, hospital and aged care visitors.

St Mary’s Church Ballina

Saturday 3rd June 2017 1:30—3:30pm or Saturday 2:00—4:00pm. Registration form required and available in your church.


Ascension Day: 6pm, Thursday 25th May, 2017. There will be a service of Holy Communion in St Andrew’s Church.


Pentecost: Sunday 4th June, 2017. Please wear something red


Session on Church Music: 10am, Saturday 20th May, 2017 in the Parish Hall. The Acting Dean of Grafton Cathedral Rev. Dr David Cole will be with us to run a work shop on music in worship. He has a long history in church music in Australia. David was on the committee for our hymn book Together in Song. This will be an excellent opportunity. All welcome to come and learn from David.


Hymnfest: Conducted by Rev. Dr David Cole. 2:00pm 28th May, 2017.

Grafton Cathedral


Op Shop Fashion Parade


13th May 2017.

St Andrew’s Parish Hall

Cost $12.

Tickets are on sale from the Parish Office or from Glenda Roe.