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The Bulletin Sunday 25th February, 2018 Lent 2 Year B

Anglican Parish of Lismore


Lent 2                          25th February 2018


Parish Contact Details


open Mon—Fri (9.00am-1.00pm)

Suite 1 Centre Arcade

76 Woodlark St

PO Box 378

Lismore 2480

p:         (02) 6621 3200

m:        0412 657 036

e: office@lismoreanglicans.org.au


Social Media


Facebook: Lismore Anglicans



Rev Christian Ford

e:         rector@lismoreanglicans.org.au

m:        0419 642 294

day of rest: Friday


Rev Alan Shaw

e: shawthing50@gmail.com

m:        0413 955 790

day of rest: Monday



St Andrew’s, Lismore

Sun      7.30 am Holy Communion

9.30 am Family Service

Mon-Fri 8.00 Morning Prayer

Wed    11 am Holy Communion



Sun      10 am Holy Communion


Sat       5.00 pm Contemporary Service


Sun      5 pm (3rd & 4th Sunday)


Sun      10 am Holy Communion

(3rd Sunday for February)




Hearing Loop (for the Hearing Impaired). First 5 rows from the front in the Nave of St. Andrew’s Church

Toilets (inc. Disabled) Inside St. Andrew’s Parish Hall.

Baby Change Station: Located in disabled toilets in Parish hall.

Mobile Phones:  Please turn your mobile phone to silent during worship services.

Parking in Church grounds: Please be considerate of those who have mobility issues.

Large Print Prayer Books: Available from sides-people at the back of Church



This Sunday Lent 2

Genesis 17: 1-7, 15-16

Psalm 22: 24-32 p241 (prayer book)

Romans 4: 13-25

Mark 8: 31–38


Next Sunday Lent 3

Exodus 20: 1-17

Psalm 19: p239 (prayer book)

1 Corinthians 1: 18-25

John 2: 13–22



Minutes from the Minister:  

Did Jesus call Peter, Satan?  The way we have interpreted it certainly makes it seem that way doesn’t it.  “Get behind me, Satan!”  It’s become a catchphrase for anyone who is facing something that is tempting.  Chocolate Cake?  Get behind me Satan!  Fast Food?  Get behind me Satan!  Juicy bit of gossip?  Get behind me Satan!

Let’s stop for a moment though and have a look at the phrase, because while there is an absolute ring of truth to the popular way of using the phrase, I think there are more layers than that.

Firstly, it recognises the truth of temptation.  Jesus had just predicted his death.  Could you imagine the stress that prediction would put Jesus under?  Consider what would have been going through Jesus’ head.  “If I’m to remain obedient to the Father, and I want to, I am going to end up in Jerusalem on a cross as surely as the day follows the night!”  Into that one of your closest friends says, “No you’re wrong, that will never happen to you”.

I can only imagine how tempting those words from Peter would have been.  All Jesus would need to do is turn away from Jerusalem, to turn his back on the ways of the Father and he could avoid his death on a cross.  But Jesus recognises Peter’s words for what they are, a temptation to turn his back on God.

Secondly, Satan sounds harsh, but it is spot on the money.  Remember back to the temptations in the wilderness, it is Satan who does the testing.  It is Satan who is often portrayed as the adversary.  It is Satan who is also known as the deceiver.  The words of Peter seemed good, to preserve Jesus life, what could be more good than that?  Except to know that to do so would be for Jesus to turn his back on God.  Harsh to Peter? Maybe.  Deceptive to Jesus? Absolutely.

It is not Peter that is called Satan, but rather his words and the idea they express, that of abandoning God and God’s ways that are called Satan, a very real temptation for Jesus.

So here is the question for us this week.  What is real temptation to us in our Lenten discipline?  What is the real cause of that temptation?  And can we say no to it.  Can we say “Get behind me Satan!” not calling a person that or trivialising the temptation or deception we face, but rather looking at what really tempts us or deceives us.  What truly deceives us into thinking it is a good decision but really it would be a terrible choice for us.  Can speaking the words, “Get behind me Satan!” be less of a joke or platitude and actually be words of power for us.  Can those words help us to overcome temptation.

Rev. Christian


This week we pray for…

Prayer Points:

  • 2018 Year of Invitation at our Church.
  • Pray for our AGM
  • Bishop’s appointment board
  • Pray for the future of St Peter’s Church Goonellabah


The sick: Olive Sheaffe, Joan Sheaffe,  Len Clapham,  Marie Wilson, Bernice Robinson, Margaret Doyle, Faye Scherf, Keeley Bowmer, Gloria Page, Kristy Pye, Rev. Roy Cowin, David Scott, Dorothy Michaelis, Jo and Joyce Funnell

The bereaved: We remember Eileen Grace Bignall and all who have gone before and pray for their families and friends.

The Anglican Parish of Lismore in the Diocese of Grafton is committed to protecting your privacy. The people on this sick list have requested prayers at this time. Please inform the Parish Office of any changes.

Aged Care Services

All Services in recess until February

Caroona Marima 2nd Mon 11am

RSL Chauvel 1st Tues 10.30am

Caroona Jarman 2nd Thurs 11am

Caroona Kalina 4th Wed 11am

St Joseph’s 4th Thurs 11am

Fromelles Manor 1st Fri 11am

Mary’s Grange 2nd Fri 9.30am


Parish Activities

Contact Parish Office for details

  • Toddler Time resumes 19 Feb 9:30am
  • Intercessory Prayer Group

8.30 am Tues in St Andrew’s.

  • Mainly Music

9.00 am Tues Parish Hall.

  • Bellringers Wed 5pm & Fri 5:30pm
  • Choir
  • Parish Council 3rd Tues 7pm in Parish Office
  • Court Care Mon 9am
  • Parish Op Shop Mon-Fri 9-4, Sat 9-12, 54 Rous Rd, Goonellabah
  • Prayer Chain
  • Wyrallah Community BBQ 2nd Sun 4.30pm.
  • Craft Group 1st Sat 11am-2pm


Bible Study/Home Groups

Contact Parish Office for details

Mon 7.30 pm in recess

Tues 7.30pm 1st week

Wed 10 am

Thurs  7:30pm in recess & 7:00pm   Dunoon.

Fri 7.00pm 2nd & 4th week


Welcome to all as we gather to honour and worship the one true God. Please join us for a cuppa in the hall next door after the services


Church News

Wednesday Lenten Services:  8:00 am Wednesday 21st February to Wednesday 28th March, 2018. Holy Communion. St Andrew’s Church. These services will replace Wednesdays 8:00am Morning Prayer throughout Lent.

Morning Prayer: This service will now be at 8:00am Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, Friday during Lent. After Lent 8:00am Monday to Friday.

Evening Prayer: 5:15pm Monday to Friday 16th to 28th March, 2018. St Andrew’s Lady Chapel. This service will run throughout Lent. (Service approx 30mins)

Lenten Study:  If you are interested in joining a study group please let the office know as soon as possible. This year we will be studying “The King’s Speech”.

World Day of Prayer: This year’s country is Suriname (country in South America) Theme—All God’s Creation is Very Good. All welcome.

Services 10:00am Friday 2nd March, 2018. Salvation Army. 32 Cambridge Drive, Goonellabah.

7:00pm Friday 2nd March, 2018. St Matthew’s Church Dunoon. All welcome.

Toddler Time: Please contact Rev. Christian if you can help out with the toddlers on Mondays 9:00am to 11am.

The Bulletin: As of March our Bulletin will be taking a new format and will be printed once a month. If you have any news to go in please contact the office by 28th February, 2018.

ABM Lenten Appeal: Envelopes are now available on St Andrew’s mission table.  Please choose the project you wish to support.

BCA Money Boxes:  It is time for the March opening. Please give your box to John Chaundy or leave at the  Parish office. Thank you.

South Sudan Water Project: Due to conflict in the region the water project cannot be completed. If you wish to have your say where you would like to see the money spent please fill in the form on the mission table and return it to the Parish Office by Sunday 25th March, 2018.

Prayer for St Peter’s: Please pray for God’s will for the future of St Peter’s Goonellabah. There is a card at the back of the church with some prayer points.

Easter Services

1)  Seder Meal—Parish Hall 6:00pm Thursday 29th March, 2018. To assist with catering please place your name on the list in St Andrew’s or contact the office if you wish to attend the meal.

2) The Watch 8:30pm Thursday 29th March, 2018 through to 8:00 am on Friday morning. St Andrew’s Church.

If you wish to participate please place your name on the lists at the back of

St Andrew’s or contact the office ph 66213200.

A Prayer at the time of choosing our Bishop

Eternal God, shepherd and guide,

in your mercy give your Church in this diocese

a shepherd after your own heart

who will walk in your ways,

and with loving care watch over your people.

Give us a leader of vision and a teacher of your truth.

So may your Church be built up

and your name glorified;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Diocesan News

Laying up of the Pastoral Staff : 10:00am Saturday 3rd March, 2018.  Christ Church Cathedral Grafton. The service will be followed by lunch ( at your own expense) at the Les Beattie Function Room, Grafton District Services Club, Mary St, Grafton. RSVP Kaytrina Jessup or Maree Collett ASAP for catering purposes phone 6642 4122. If you would like a lift to Grafton please contact the office.

Men’s Retreat: Our Retreat which was to be held on 2-4th March at Glenreagh,

has been cancelled to avoid a clash with the Bishop’s Farewell at the Cathedral on Saturday 3rd March 2018.

Clergy Moves:  Rev’d Katie Peken will be the next Rector of the Lower Macleay (South West Rocks). Katie is currently Assistant Priest in the Parish of Warragul in the Diocese of Gippsland.

Rev’d Lyn Baldwin, Rector of Mullumbimby, has resigned and will be finishing her ministry at Mullumbimby on 18 May. Lyn came from the Diocese of Rockhampton. She and Howard plan to move to Gippsland.