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The Bulletin April 2018


Parish Contact Details


Open Monday to Friday 9am to 1pm

Suite 1 Centre Arcade

76 Woodlark St, Lismore 2480

PO Box 378, Lismore 2480

Phone: (02) 6621 3200

Email: office@lismoreanglicans.org.au


Social Media



Lismore Anglicans




Ministry Team



Reverend Christian Ford

Email: rector@lismoreanglicans.org.au

Mobile: 0419 642 294

Day of Rest: Friday


Senior Associate Priest

Reverend Alan Shaw

Email: shawthing50@gmail.com

Mobile: 0413 955 790

Day of Rest: Monday



Church Services

St Andrew’s, Lismore

10 Zadoc St  Lismore

Sunday                        7.30 am Holy Communion

9.30 am Family Service

Wednesday     11 am Holy Communion

Monday to Friday 8.00am Morning Prayer



St Matthew’s Dunoon

37 James St Dunoon

Sunday 10 am Holy Communion



St Peter’s Goonellabah

53 Deegan Drive Goonellabah




St Thomas’ Wyrallah

Wyrallah Rd Wyrallah

Sunday            5:00 pm

3rd & 4th Sunday of the month



St Mark’s Nimbin

27 Cullen St Nimbin

Sunday 10:00 am Holy Communion

4th Sunday of the month





Aged Care Services

Caroona Marima 2nd Monday 11:00am

RSL Chauvel 1st Tuesday 10.30am

Caroona Jarman 2nd Thursday 11:00am

Caroona Kalina 4th Wednesday 11:00am

St Joseph’s 4th Thursday 11:00am

Fromelles Manor 1st Friday 11:00am

Mary’s Grange 2nd Friday 9.30am


Bible Study/Home Groups

Contact Parish Office for details

Mon 7.30 pm

Tues 7.30pm 1st week

Wed 10 am

Thurs  7:30pm & 7:00pm Dunoon.

Fri 7.00pm 2nd & 4th week

Parish Activities

Contact Parish Office for details

Toddler Time  9:30am

Intercessory Prayer Group

8.30 am Tues in St Andrew’s.

Mainly Music

9.00 am Tues Parish Hall.

Bellringers Wed 5pm & Fri 5:30pm


Parish Council 3rd Tues 7pm in Parish Office

Court Care Mon 9am

Parish Op Shop Mon-Fri 9-4, Sat 9-12, 54 Rous Rd, Goonellabah

Prayer Chain

Wyrallah Community BBQ 2nd Sun 4.30pm.

Craft Group 1st Sat 11am-2pm


Weekly Readings


1 April

Acts 10:34-43

Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24 p347

1 Corinthians 15:1-11

Mark 16:1-8


8 April

Acts 4:32-37

Psalm 133 p365

1 John 1:1-2:2

John 20:19-31


15  April

Acts  3:12-20

Psalm 4 p225

1 John 2:15-17; 3:1-6

Luke 24:36b-48


22 April

Acts  4:5-12

Psalm 23 p243

1 John 3:16-24

John 10:11-18


29 April

Acts 8:26-40

Psalm 22:26–32 p241

1 John 4:7-21



6 May

Acts 10:44-48

Psalm 98 p325

1 John 5:1-12

John 15:9-17 OR 16-24





We Pray For…

Prayer Points

-2018 Year of Invitation.

-Bishop Appointment Board.

-Pray for the three children being Baptised on Easter Day.

The Sick

Joan Sheaffe,  Len Clapham,  Marie Wilson, Bernice Robinson, Margaret Doyle, Faye Scherf, Kristy Pye, Rev. Roy Cowin, David Scott, Jo and Joyce Funnell

 The Bereaved

We remember William (Bill) Wilson, Laurence William Wright, Mark Keith Exton, Olive Sheaffe and all who have gone before and pray for their families and friends.


Privacy Statement: The Anglican Parish of Lismore in the Diocese of Grafton is committed to protecting your privacy. The people on this sick list have requested prayers at this time. Please inform the Parish Office of any changes.

Hearing Loop (for the Hearing Impaired). First 5 rows from the front in the Nave of St. Andrews Church

Toilets (inc. Disabled) Inside St. Andrew’s Parish Hall.

Baby Change Station: Located in disabled toilets in Parish hall.

Mobile Phones:  Please turn your mobile phone to silent during worship services.

Parking in Church grounds: Please be considerate of those who have mobility issues.

Large Print Prayer Books: Available from sides-people at the back of Church



Combined Church Service

10am Sunday 29th April, 2018. St Peter’s Deegan Drive, Goonellabah. Come and share your memories of St Pete’s as this will be our last service followed by a BBQ lunch (gold coin donation). Please bring a salad or desert to share. This will be the only service in the Parish this weekend.

Craft Group

What is more primordial than women nestled in groups sharing their crafts. Those of us,  and of the community, who have attended the My Craft Time group over the past few months have cottoned on to this energising togetherness! The next meeting will be held on April 7th from 11 am -2 pm. Focussed craft will be peyote beading. Your choice of colours! Other crafts will be on display. Or just bring your UFO (Unfinished Object) to complete as you chat. Refreshments provided.

Diocesan Prayer Card

Please collect your copy of the prayer for choosing a new Bishop in your church.

Clergy Leave

Rev. Christian will be on leave from 6th April to the 16th  April, 2018


The congregation of St Matthew’s, Dunoon,  will be having lunch at The Dunoon Sports Club on Sunday 22nd April.  Anyone who wishes to join us would be most welcome.  Please let Gina Murray know  for numbers asap  (Tel : 6689 5104)


BCA Money Boxes

It is time for the March opening of your BCA Money Box. Please give your box to John Chaundy or leave at the  Parish Office by 15th April 2018

Tuesday Night Bible Study

7:30 pm Tuesday, 3 April, 2018 at 3 Homestead Avenue, Goonellabah. TEL: 0407 272 414

Rev Dr Robert Ireland will respond to a series of queries posed by Study Group participants. Examples: a] Why does there have to be punishment for sin? Why can’t God just forgive? b] Suffering c] Exclusivity of Christianity d] the reality of miracles e] authority of scripture – The Bible and which version? ALL WELCOME

A Beautiful Friendship Casablanca  (last years Lenten study)

If you have a copy of Casablanca and are willing to lend it to a Monday night  bible study, please contact Ann Helmrich PH 6624 6114.

Lighting Update

A few people have asked for an update about the lighting.  The good news is that we have hit our target of $15 000.  The problem we are encountering now is getting specific quotes for the work.  You may remember that we had rough quotes but needed to get more accurate quotes before proceeding.  We have had one firm give a quote and two have told us they have trouble getting information from suppliers.  At this stage we are continuing to pressure them for firm quotes.  If they are not in soon we will have no choice but to go outside for quotes to proceed with the work.  I will endeavour to keep you all informed when I have more to report.

Rev Christian


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Lismore Garden Centre for their generosity in loaning us plants to create a garden in St Andrew’s Church for Holy Week.



Thank You

We would like to thank everyone who attended Norman’s funeral, sent cards, phone calls and prayers. Thank you to Rev. Alan Shaw for all his help with the arrangements for the funeral. From Nola McKenzie and Families.


8-11 June 2018

4 Tunnel Rd Stokers Siding

Phone 6677 9023

Book by the 23rd April

You can check out the location Hosanna Farmstay at www.hosannafarmstay.com.au


You must make your own booking but make sure you tell them you are with Lismore Anglican Parish as some sites have been reserved for us.  If you are willing to share a cabin with others please let Christian know and he can help arrange that.



 Anglican Op-Shop Fashion Parade

1:30pm Saturday 12th May 2018. St Andrew’s Church Hall. Delicious afternoon tea. Fabulous Fashions. Tickets $12. Tickets on sale from Sunday 8th April until Wednesday 9th May and are available after 7:30am service from Margaret Perkins, 9:30am from Kay Scott or from the parish office.

There will be a lucky door prize and tombolas. All fashions plus more will be for sale.



A Minute with the Minister

Happy Endings

We all like happy endings. Most movies – even the violent ones – somehow manage an ending that leaves us feeling warm inside and with hope for the future.

Christians consider the Easter story as having the happiest ending of all time. After a slow start (about 30 years) Jesus’ story suddenly takes on an almost frantic pace, as he faces all kinds of challenges and opposition, with devious plots against his life, until he is finally killed on a Roman cross.

But despite the best efforts by his enemies, Jesus has the final say by returning from dead – triumphant after three days in the grave!  That ending is hard to beat!

And in the closing scenes of this exciting drama, with his dying breaths, Jesus offers the gift of eternal life to one of the criminals being executed alongside him with the line, Today you will be with me in paradise (Luke 23:43).

He probably didn’t fully understand the extraordinary nature of that gift, but the criminal shared in that same happy ending with Jesus, not through anything he had done – or hadn’t done – or through any special knowledge or favour. Rather, he received because he asked and trusted.

So, if a hardened, ill-informed, poorly educated criminal gets the happy ending of eternal life with God, can we likewise expect such an ending? Absolutely!

By believing and trusting in Jesus, we begin to develop a living relationship with him, and we can be confident of God’s promises as set out in Scripture.

But it takes time and discipline and patience to build a living and meaningful relationship. It’s up to us! God never uses persuasion or pressure to get us to commit or recommit. The choice is ours.

During Lent and Holy Week, perhaps you also recommitted to following Jesus more closely in the way of the cross. Perhaps you joined an ongoing study group, or promised you would make time each day to read Scripture, pray, study and reflect on your life. Perhaps you decided to offer yourself in a different way in the life of our church or community, inspired by our Parish Vision Statement: Connect-Grow-Serve-In Christ.

As we move beyond the Easter story, how does the empty grave inform how we live and relate to others?

What would our world be like if we set aside our personal preferences and sensitivities and focused on what God is asking of us – as individuals and as church – through the Spirit of Jesus?

As we face the challenges before us, may we always look for the light of Christ within each other.

And may we be attentive to the voice of the Risen Jesus calling us to be more than we think we can be, and to share in that eternal joy that only he can give.

Because Easter isn’t an ending; it’s just the beginning.

Rev. Alan





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One year on Flood Anniversary. 2pm at the Quad

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Combined Service

St Peter’s