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St Andrew’s Lismore Bellringers



bells up


COVID-19 – Ringing has recommenced but only for local ringers due to COVID 19.

Earth Overshoot Day:

Our bellringers were successful in ringing a quarter peal to commemorate Earth Over Shoot Day last Saturday (see link ).

RSL Request

We have had a request from the RSL in Australia to ring for VP day, as this year it is the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII.
We are being asked to ring at 12 noon (local time) on the 15th of August, as the announcement of the end of the war in our region was made at that time.
Given that parts of ANZAB territory are still dealing with COVID-19, we are aware that some towers will not be able to ring. However, if your tower is open to ringing, you may wish to consider ringing to mark the anniversary.
Peter Harrison, ANZAB President (see link


Last Wednesday (21st October) our bellringers rang a peal of 5,040 changes which took 2 hours and 43 minutes. Our back and heavier bells came from St Mary and St Nicholas Church at Wilton in Wiltshire, UK. This church was opened on the 21st October 1845 and replaced an older church from which our bells were removed from and hung in the new church. 100 years later the first peal was rung on these bells to celebrate the centenary of the new and present church at Wilton. We have celebrated this peal’s 70th Anniversary with a very historic peal on our back bells, being a first peal for 3 ringers (Julia Stewart, Pete Corlis and Jonathan Laurence), a first inside of the method (Reverse Canterbury Place Minimus) for Margaret Weatherby and a first as conductor for Robert Weatherby Snr.   This is the second peal rung by local ringers in our tower.


Peal Ringers (left to Right) Julia Stewart, Pete Corlis, Margaret Weatherby, Robert Weatherby (Snr) and Jonathan Laurence

12th Birthday for our Bells 30th November,2014

Today is the birthday of the bells in our tower.  They were dedicated in 2002 and the ringers have been celebrating this weekend with special ringing.  The actual back 6 bells though are a little older having been cast in 1831 and 1832 and now hung in their 3rd tower.  So far there have been 3 peals, 4 half-peals and 144 quarter-peals rung in St Andrew’s tower as special performances.  Everybody is welcome to come and learn to ring the bells, contact Margaret(    0406756007)




NEW BELLRINGERS !!! We remind everybody that we welcome new people to learn the art of bellringing and serve the Parish in this activity of sounding out the news from the Church. Practice is Wednesday from 5.30 to 7.30 pm, so come and see what a great activity it is to add to the rich musical tradition of St Andrews. Contact Robert Weatherby, BellRinging Master on   0410680285

(Video)  more information