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Some thoughts on Marriage and Divorce

Some thoughts on Marriage and Divorce

St. Mark’s Gospel 10:2-16

From Jesus’ teaching, God’s will concerning marriage is that it should be a life-long partnership. Just as Jesus had developed the Mosaic Law about loving your enemy; so he develops the Mosaic rule concerning DIVORCE. Because Holy Matrimony should be based on unlimited, selfless love, we are called to be so responsive to God and each other that our marriages work for life.

It is clear to see that HARDNESS OF HEART can tear marriages apart, resulting in misery and heartbreak for both parents and children. Of course the break-up of strong family units damages the very fabric of our society.

As with all Jesus’ teaching about REAL LOVING we are because of our HUMAN FRAILTY, being asked to do the IMPOSSIBLE. However, it seems to become possible when a man’s and a woman’s life together is completely given over to Jesus Christ, Our Lord and to His Will. He can strengthen crumbling marriages, heal deep hurts, refresh our love, promote forgiveness and soften HARDHEARTS.

If we have a wrecked or failed marriage in our past, we are not unredeemable. In giving ourselves to OUR REDEEMER and CONFESSING our faults we can start AFRESH, knowing forgiveness, cleansing and healing!

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he or she is a new person; the old has gone, the new has come! 2 Cor 5:17

It seems to me that the fault is with the FAILED MARRIAGE and need not be with the RE-MARRIAGE.