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Parish Vacancy Consultation


Life is full of changes isn’t it? We are reminded of this fact everyday in a number of different ways; everything from looking at ourselves in the bathroom mirror, to embracing the four seasons of the calendar year.

And now we are about to embrace another change due to the fact that our Rector, Mark has announced his resignation to take up ministry in a new place.. Although there will be many mixed feelings at this time of the departure, Bishop Sarah would like us to begin planning for our future as soon as possible.

And so, we the Wardens, on behalf of Bishop Sarah, invite every member of the parish to attend a meeting to be held on Saturday 28th March, 2015 commencing at 2pm. This process usually takes about 2 – 3 hours. At this meeting Archdeacon Gail Hagon (Diocesan Ministry Development Officer) will lovingly guide us through a process during which we are invited to reflect upon who we are as a parish and where God is calling us to be in the future.

We will especially focus on any issues that we need to address to equip us for

a fresh start with a new Rector. These insights will be useful for our Parish Wardens and the Bishop’s Presentation Board for their prayerful consideration in discerning a new Rector for our Parish.

All church members are encouraged to be involved in this Parish Consultation and to especially consider beforehand, the present state of the parish and how the ministry of Christ may be advanced as a new Rector comes on board.

Hope to see you there!

Stephen Hall Dawn Back Garry Fox

The Wardens of the Anglican Parish of Lismore