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Parish Council

Parish Council 2021

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At the Annual General Meeting 2020 the following members of the congregation were appointed or elected:

(Absent from photo Ann Helmrich)

Rector’s Warden Stephen Hall
Church Warden Dawn Back (Treasurer)
Church Warden Garry Fox
Parish Councillors
Ann Helmrich
Ruth Morris
Gina Murray
Robert Weatherby  
Parish Secretary Stephen Hall
Synod Rep Ann Helmrich,  Robert Weatherby
 Alternative Rep Ruth Morris
Anglicare Rep
Mission Secretary John Chaundy
Youth Officer
Media Correspondent
Education Secretary

Our Parish Council members (along with the Church Wardens) are responsible for the implementation of our vision statement , as well as making decisions that will guide us into the future.



Church Warden

  • Have “the charge, control and administration of all money and other property of the church”, e.g. collections, accounts, financial reports, etc., plus general care of the church grounds, buildings, etc.
  • Have concern for the “spiritual tone” and direction of the parish which includes liasing with the Rector and Parish Council.
  • Meet with the Rector once per month to discuss church matters and to prepare for Parish Council.
  • Take an active role as a Parish Council Member.

Parish Council (meets 3rd Tuesday each month  7.00pm)

  • Confer with the Ministry Team in the initiation, conduct and development of church work, including such matters as are vital to the spiritual welfare of the church.”
  • To ensure that we are a Safe Church.
  • Have a say in the financial matters of the church.
  • To liaise with and report back on an area of ministry.
  • Be involved in the day-to-day life of the church, (ie in home groups, on rosters etc.) and to encourage others to do the same.

Parish Nominator

  • In the event that the Rector permanently leaves the parish, it is the role of the nominators, with diocesan representatives, to find a suitable replacement.

Synod Representative

  • To represent our church at the Annual Synod for the Diocese of Grafton for the next three years. This will involve reading, discussing and prayerfully considering all Synod matters.


Church Wardens, Parish Nominators

  • Any parishioner being a communicant member of the Anglican Church of Australia of 16 years or over, except the wife of the Rector, and also a husband and wife cannot both hold office at any one time.

Parish Council, Synod Representatives

  • Any parishioner being a communicant member of the Anglican Church of Australia of 16 years or over.


On top of the above qualifications, it is essential that none of the above positions be filled by someone who is not a “prohibited person” within the meaning of the “Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act 1998.