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Our New Rector





Hello from Townsville! Well as you would have just heard, my name is Christian Ford and

I’m coming at the start of December to be your next Rector. I will be honest and say this

prospect fills me with excitement and a little nervousness. Excited because I can’t wait to

come and meet you all and a little nervous because coming to a new place always

includes some element of nervousness. However, from the few people of Lismore parish

that I have met so far you seem a very warm and welcoming people, so that always helps

to put the nerves away. Overall I would say I am looking forward to getting to know you all

and working with you for the Kingdom of God in the Parish of Lismore.


I grew up in Mackay in North Queensland. I have two parents who love me and taught me

the faith, encouraging me to be a server from a young age, to be involved in CEBS and

youth groups. When I was fourteen Dad became a stipended Priest and that change saw

me moving a number of times, from Mackay to Townsville to Mt Isa to Ayr. Then my own

journey of education and ordination took me from Townsville to Brisbane and back to

Townsville to take up my curacy and a position as Diocesan Youth Officer. Then to the

Parish of Mossman & Port Douglas and then back to Townsville for my current position as

Rector of Mundingburra.



I am married to Brenda who had a very different childhood than me as she grew up in a

country town in South Africa, her father was a forestry farmer and her mother a radiation

therapist. It was in 1998 that Brenda and her sister and parents immigrated to Australia.

We married in 2004 and at the end of October celebrate our twelfth anniversary.

Brenda and I don’t have any children at this stage in our life but we are blessed with 6

nieces and 1 nephew. Brenda’s sister and husband have two girls and a boy, who live

here in Townsville. My sister and her husband have four girls and live in Toledo, Ohio

where Peter is the Pastor of a Lutheran Church (there is a lot of clergy in my family).


I would imagine that you have many questions about me and I look forward to answering

them, but for now let me tell you a little bit about my vision for what a church is. I’ve told

you all a little about my family because they are important to me. I have always been

taught that the church is my extended family. That means it is a place of love and

acceptance, of welcome and encouragement. I believe our churches should be places

where people come together to explore life and faith together with all our certainties and

doubts. Our churches should be places that you can celebrate your faith and your life as

you are and be challenged to grow into the people God wants us to be. I look forward to

being amongst you and exploring our faith together.


Christian and Brenda