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Nothing Seperates Us From The Love Of God

Do You Believe This??

love never failsSt. Paul learned and experienced the reality of this in a very dramatic way.  Paul was a sinner persecuting Christians, but on the road to Damascus Paul was set free from sin, through the grace of God he experienced forgiveness and a new life began. The reality of this knowledge drove him to return this love and become passionate about sharing this wonderful news with others.
In the reading from Romans to-day Paul reminds us – that nothing, nothing at all, can come between us and our loving God. Our sinful nature, our feelings of guilt will rise and haunt us, but they will in no way alter God’s redeeming and accepting love. NOT, that is, unless we live in accord with such foolish ways and neglect to hear and abide by God’s Word. The tragedies and conflicts of this life will discourage us, but they can in no way change God’s attitudes or stifle his love for us.
Failures and defeats may trip us up, but such do not affect our relationship to God. Revolutions will shake up governments and institutions. Our traditions may be nullified; our convictions threatened. Every temporal security may crumble. But God’s love and reconciling grace are for ever; and He will never let us go. If our allegiance is to God and our faith is fixed on him, the very things that seek to destroy us become the means by which He carries out his will in us and through us.
Nothing, absolutely nothing, can separate us from the love of God as revealed and proclaimed and demonstrated through Jesus Christ. We are children of God, his servants and disciples for ever.