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News from the Bellringers

 The Simulator is now fully installed and functional.  It is being used to improve our striking.  The electromagnetic sensor and wiring was installed by Mike Toze from St Johns Cathedral in Brisbane with assistance from Ken Davis.  We can practice some new things without letting everybody in the neighbourhood know we are trying it for the first time !!!

We will be demonstrating the simulator on Market Day 27 August 2011. entrance fee to the Bell Tower gold coin donation. 

The Ringing World Calendar for 2012 features a photo by Warren Whitney of the tower with jacarandas in flower for the November page.  There is a brief history of the bells and tower and also a photo of the stained glass window of bells at the base of the tower.  Each month is an Australian church which has bells and this is the first time that bell towers outside the U.K. have been featured and it is to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Bellringers (ANZAB) next year.   The price of the calendar is expected to be $12 (Aust). 

ANZAB 50th anniversary next year is going to feature a number of special things but one part is to be a publication about towers and natural disasters.  Two towers will feature, Christchurch Cathedral in New Zealand and St Andrews, Lismore.

NEW RINGERS !!!   We remind everybody that we welcome new people to learn ringing and serve the Parish in this activity of sounding out the news from the Church.  Practice is Wednesday from 5.30 to 7.30 pm, so come and see what a great activity it is to add to the rich musical tradition of St Andrews.  Contact Robert Weatherby, Ringing Master on 6620-3671.