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Living Waters



Living Waters

The Samaritan woman, like many others we meet during Lent in John’s gospel, misunderstands so much Jesus tells her. Yet, without waiting till she understands, Jesus leads her into mysteries deeper still.

At Jacob’s well he promises her a spring of water welling up within her to eternal life. Never would she thirst again.

Perhaps our Lenten journey is like this. Jesus leads us into the deepest mysteries, while we, like the Samaritan woman and Nicodemus, are slow to understand. Lent may be the time when we, like them, need to pray for faith that far outruns the way we know

O Jesus,
only faith can help us see.
Earthy, cautious eyes
miss treasure in the field
in water and the bread
in faces known too well.
Only faith can help us see. 

“If you knew what God gives”
you tell the woman.
No cleverness knows
or merit buys that gift.
Living water is your gift.
You alone show us what God gives.

Say to our hearts:
“Come to the waters.”
Make us thirst again,
and ask, and seek, till we find.
How can we know
whose flesh and blood we are?
Or what it means to be born again?
Unless you help our unbelief

O Jesus,
who led the woman to believe,
lead us.


Adapted from a meditation for the third Sunday of Lent by Fr Victor Hoagland CP,