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Let us Trust and Go


Both the Gospel and the Epistle for today show God’s enormous gentleness with us.  God is not so much interested in guilt but in restoring us, enabling us to enter into a holy, loving relationship with Him and each other.

It is moving that when Jesus comes to His frightened disciples, locked away in what they hope will be a safe house, He says not one word of condemnation to them.  To these, His closest friends, who have betrayed and abandoned Him to his horrible death, His first words are “Peace be with you.”  He must have said it with enormous conviction, because not one of the disciples tries to apologise or justify himself.  They all are filled instantly with joy.

Even Thomas, the doubter who speaks for so many of us, is not greeted with any kind of impatience.  Although there is certainly a teasing note in Jesus’ voice as He speaks to Thomas, He knows what will convince him and grant Thomas faith.

The task that Jesus gives His disciples is an awesome one.  “Go! Preach the Gospel to all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

In their own strength the disciples betrayed and abandoned Jesus.  Now in the strength of the Holy Spirit they are asked to go in the holiness, love, humility and courage of Jesus.  And so are we!