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Knowing Jesus

Knowing Jesus & aiming for the future.                   Philippians 3

Welcome to Church today as we focus our thoughts onto truly knowing Jesus and aiming for our heavenly future.

I’m sure we all know people who’ve been married for a long time. You here the jokes, ‘We’ve been married 50 years! You get less for murder!’ But sometimes you come across a couple who’ve grown closer & become more like each other over the years! They have the similar mannerisms, and tend to think the same, perhaps finishing each other’s sentences! They share an unbelievable closeness, which blesses them and others around them. They really know each other.

Today the Apostle Paul encourages us to know Jesus truly, and then to ‘press on’ in our walk with him. It’s easy enough to know about Jesus, we can read about him in a book, but we need to know Jesus more deeply than that. We need to draw close to him so we want what he wants, and so we will do what he wants us to do. Even more than that, we’re to know who we are now, as children of God, and look forward to the time when we’ll be transformed into perfect heavenly people God has planned for us to be.

May we all understand what’s at stake, and as we trust in the Lord Jesus, indeed set our minds on becoming more like Jesus by making every effort, forgetting the past, straining toward, holding fast, and pressing on to finish the Christian race that we’ve started so that we receive the heavenly prize of eternal life!

1.    What does it mean to trust in ourselves for salvation?

Paul as example:

A warning:

2. So what does it mean to truly know Jesus?

a)       Head knowledge,

b)      A relationship with Jesus.

c)       Becoming more like Jesus.

3.    Run to finish the Christian race.

We press on because Christ Jesus has made [us] his own.


a)     Forget what is past

b)     Strain toward what is ahead


c)     Hold fast to what we have attained.

Why bother?