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Keep Awake

Keep Awake!  Mark 13: 24-37 

keep awakeAs workers for Christ our challenge is to be ready to face him at any and every turn. This is a hard thing for our battle is not so much with sin or difficulties or circumstances, but by being so absorbed in the kingdom work that we lose sight of the One in whose name we labour.

It’s easy for us to think our efforts are so important, so crucial, that everything must be done just so, that our pride becomes subtly entwined in the task.

Jesus rarely appears when we expect him. He is usually the surprise visitor in the most ordinary and inconvenient situations.

If we are to be prepared for Christ we must be aware of our love of ritual and predictability, and strive to be spiritually real in the here and now.

It’s not our service or achievement that matters, rather that we connect with Jesus in every thought, word and deed.

Advent marks the beginning of the season of preparing and waiting. And the incredible event for which we wait is the coming of our God who chose to enter into all that decays and dies, and to know it with us.

No longer in the heavens or hidden behind a curtain high up on a hill, God becomes us to bring a new heaven and a new earth to the moments when the sufferings and despair of our earthly life is more than we can bear.

Advent gives us the time and space once again to believe in and live out the reality of life in the shadow of eternity. Christ is Emmanuel: God with us – now.

And what I say to you I say to all: keep awake.’ [Mark 13:37 NRSV]