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Joel’s CMS Mission

Joel Gosper

Joel Gosper

My mission trip will commence 31st of October. I will fly out from Brisbane and land in Barcelona on the 1st of November. From there I will spend a few days in Barcelona, meeting up with CMS missionaries who are living there. Then I will travel to San Sebastian which is North of Barcelona at the top of Spain. In San Sebastian I will undergo an intensive language course in a Spanish for 2 weeks. This will hopefully give me a good foundation in the Spanish language for the rest of my trip.
From San Sebastian I will then travel down to Madrid and have arranged to work with a ministry called “Betel“. Betel are doing great work planting churches not only in Spain, but also world-wide. They particularly work with the poor and especially drug addicts. My time spent here will include 24/7 living and ‘doing life’ with former addicts and those rehabilitating. As an ‘intern‘ with Betel I am required to participate in the devotions, the church life, evangelistic and other work throughout my stay there.

After spending a month at Madrid I will then visit other CMS missionaries doing Gospel in Spain. This will involve hopefully visiting the Lovell family (in Valencia) , the Gifford and Whitten families (in Barcelona), and the Batey’s (in Seville). They all have been sent to Spain to spread the Gospel and plant churches over the past few years – please keep them in your prayers. It will be great to meet them and spend time with them discussing the work God is doing in Spain.

That will take me all the way to the end of my trip, and I fly out of Barcelona and return to Australian shores the 15th of January.

Please pray for:

  • Safety
  • God’s guidance
  • The missionaries working in Spain
  • Betel ministries working with drug addicts in Spain and      World-wide
  • God to equip me for His work

Thankyou for your support and prayers.
Joel Gosper