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How great is your faith?


Have you ever wondered what words will be etched underneath your name on your headstone when that time eventually comes? If we were limited to just four words, what would they be?

This week’s Gospel (Matthew 15:10-28) records Jesus honouring a woman with four simple but profound words: ‘Great is your faith’ (Mt 15:28). She was the Canaanite mother who came to Jesus determined that her daughter would be healed. The disciples regarded her as a nuisance and a waste of time.Matthew 15: 10-28

We don’t learn her name, but in this single encounter Jesus spoke those four words that earned her a place in two Gospels.

Jesus searched for faithfulness – like a miner searches for gold. He didn’t always find what he was looking for in his disciples. There’s no record of Jesus ever praising them with ‘Great is your faith’.

More often he was bound to say, ‘You of little faith’.

The Canaanite mother stands as a powerful example of persistence and faithfulness, refusing to be distracted in her quest for wholeness and healing for her daughter.

May we likewise persist in faithfulness and determination as we seek out Jesus, our Lord and Giver of Life.