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Happy New Year

Welcome to church today as we think about some New Year’s resolutions that we pray will last!

 Today we look at Jesus set on the path to fulfil the requirements of the Law, and at our own redemption through faith in Him. The Gospel reading speaks to us of a young couple setting out in married life trusting in God and His promises. It also speaks to us of two Godly people nearing the end of their lives who are still trusting in God to keep His promises.

 Our God is trustworthy! The fulfilment of the promises made by God to Simeon and Anna are a great encouragement for all of us. At what ever stage in life we find ourselves, God can be relied upon!

And why rely on God?

 The Apostle Paul’s letter to the Galatians reminds us that through faith in Jesus, we can have the utmost confidence that we are God’s redeemed people, in fact we are adopted Children of God! And we are called upon to love one another, just as Christ loves us. 

I pray that some of our New Year’s Resolution this year include a renewed focus on Living as children of God, as we persevere in prayer, study the scriptures and love one another by encouraging each other to grow in our faith day by day!

May all of us today have a ‘true and living faith’! A faith in word and deed, where our actions show our genuine faith!