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Great Seed, Great Soil

Welcome to Church today! Please stay and enjoy a friendly chat over a cuppa after the service!

I expect that we all know the parable of the Sower and Soils from today’s Gospel reading. The Seed is all good! It’s the message about the Kingdom of Heaven, and so the emphasis falls onto the types of soil (or hearts) that the message falls onto; good or bad.

Some people have hard hearts; this hardness stops the seed of the Good news from taking root. These people can’t understand the truth about Jesus.

Some people have shallow hearts. They receive the message warmly (& perhaps superficially) for a time. Life from the message begins to grow, but as soon as hard times come along they reject the message.

Other people have thorny hearts. They receive God’s message, but then there’s competition from the world. They too have life from the message beginning to grow in them, but other priorities in life and the lure of riches chokes the message, and no fruit is produced.

Still other people have receptive hearts. My prayer is that all of us here today have receptive hearts! Hearts that not only hear the message of God’s kingdom, but also understand it and let it produce fruit: the fruit of a changed life; living with the values, ideals and priorities of God evident in our lives each day!