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Gospel Truth

gospel truth

gospel truth

Welcome to Church today as we consider the truth of the Gospel as written by the Apostle Paul.


Now Paul was addressing people who were attacking his authority to tell the Gospel, and the truthfulness of his Gospel as well. A number of scholars today level the same sort of accusations against Pauline Theology as the false teachers in Paul’s day.


So what is ‘Truth’? At least superficially, our culture says that what is true for you is true, and it can be different from what is true for me. It’s not unless we look a bit deeper that we find that society doesn’t really believe that. We still stop at red traffic signals, we don’t ignore signs that say beware falling rocks, and we don’t drink from bottles labelled ‘poison’… In short, our society says truth is relative when it suits it.


The concept of absolute truth, ‘the truth – given from above’ not just ‘a truth’, is alien to many because they don’t want a God of absolutes to tell them what is right and what is wrong. They prefer to have a majority view that keeps most people happy.


The Apostle Paul’s Gospel does not allow this as a valid option! Paul’s conversion is a strong witness to the truth of what he’s saying, as is his lack of need for a human teacher in the faith. Indeed WHY would he change from the path he was on, only to be persecuted and ultimately martyred if he wasn’t standing up for the truth?


The key issue today is what to do with the fact that everything in Scripture can’t be easily understood or reconciled to the rest of scripture! Some people come to the conclusion that scripture is at best written by inspired authors and so our scriptures are flawed.

Another conclusion might be just that our knowledge is insufficient, and our scriptures are true…! Food for thought!

May we glorify God because of the Gospel proclaimed by Paul!

NRS Galatians 111-24

11 For I want you to know, brothers and sisters, that the gospel that was proclaimed by me is not of human origin; 12 for I did not receive it from a human source, nor was I taught it, but I received it through a revelation of Jesus Christ. 13 You have heard, no doubt, of my earlier life in Judaism. I was violently persecuting the church of God and was trying to destroy it. 14 I advanced in Judaism beyond many among my people of the same age, for I was far more zealous for the traditions of my ancestors. 15 But when God, who had set me apart before I was born and called me through his grace, was pleased 16 to reveal his Son to me, so that I might proclaim him among the Gentiles, I did not confer with any human being, 17 nor did I go up to Jerusalem to those who were already apostles before me, but I went away at once into Arabia, and afterwards I returned to Damascus. 18 Then after three years I did go up to Jerusalem to visit Cephas and stayed with him fifteen days; 19 but I did not see any other apostle except James the Lord’s brother. 20 In what I am writing to you, before God, I do not lie! 21 Then I went into the regions of Syria and Cilicia, 22 and I was still unknown by sight to the churches of Judea that are in Christ; 23 they only heard it said, “The one who formerly was persecuting us is now proclaiming the faith he once tried to destroy.”  24 And they glorified God because of me.