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Four Gospels – One Christ

Four Gospels – One Christ

four gospels-one christ

Why do we have four gospels? And why are there so many different versions of the Bible? Wouldn’t one be enough? These questions are often asked by Christians and non-Christians.

We believe that the Bible contains the inspired word of God. Our Creator chose special people in history to faithfully write down what he wanted us to know; which includes his rules for a joyful life of freedom.

Imagine a football game where everyone made up their own rules playing on a field with no boundaries. It would be chaos!

God wants us to love him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength; and to love each other as we love ourselves.

That means obeying God’s rules which he designed to protect us from hurt and from hurting others.

Loving others can be a big ask! And how do you love a God you can’t even see?

That’s why God sent his Son Jesus. So he could show us by example how to live, and more importantly so he could show us that death isn’t the end.

In death Jesus took on himself the sins of the world for all time. And he opened the way for us to choose life with him that goes on forever.

The four gospels each tell us something about Jesus from the perspectives of the men who wrote them – different men, different purposes, different audiences, but one Jesus Christ. It’s our choice.