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Faith Hope and Love


Paul had founded the church at Thessalonica on his second journey enroute from Philippi to Achaia. His preaching of Jesus as the Messiah aroused anger and controversy which caused Paul to leave. Sometime later while at Corinth Timothy arrived with news of the growth of the Thessalonian Church.

Paul and his friends write to express their joy to the people who had endured persecution , giving thanks for their faith and steadfastness. The facts were known widespread and spoke for themselves, their work produced by faith, their labour prompted by love and their endurance inspired by hope.


A triad of graces found often in the N.T. Paul and his friends rejoice in the knowledge that these graces are manifested in the life and activity of the Thessalonians. They had recognised the genuineness of the Thessalonians’ Christianity by the way in which they had received the Gospel in the beginning and this was confirmed by the news Timothy had brought back.

This conduct and witness bore undeniable witness to their
being truly chosen by God and that it was the work of the Holy Spirit which enabled them to believe the truth of the Gospel and embrace it and live it out in their lives.

Paul states that Faith is trust in the person of Jesus, the truth of his teaching and the redemptive work he accomplished at Calvary. Hope is the gift of Holy Spirit, that with faith and love is an essential characteristic of the Christian. Hope includes trust, confidence and refuge in the God of Hope. Love is presented in the Gospel as the very nature of God and the greatest of the Christian virtues as Paul wrote (1Cor.13:13) It lies at the very heart of Christianity being essential to our relationship to God and people. Love is vitally related to faith, faith is basic, but a faith that does not manifest itself in love both towards God and people is dead and worthless.

The Thessalonians built the church on FAITH HOPE AND LOVE the outcome bringing joy and thanksgiving to Paul, Silas, Timothy and to God.

The witness of the people of Thessalonica should give us encouragement and perseverance to do the same.