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Faith Communities

What does our Faith Community look like?

We are a multicultural faith community that includes Africans and resettled refugees, many of whom are now naturalized Australian citizens. They bring a deep faith and personal energy to our community. Nationalities represented include South Sudan, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Solomon Islands, Congo, Sri Lanka, Germany, Holland, and Japan.

We welcome people of diverse backgrounds and sexual orientation.

Music is an important component of our worship, and we are blessed with a diverse group of talented musicians and accompanists who offer their gifts to God’s glory. The St Andrew’s Choir (led by organist Warren Whitney) boasts more than 20 voices and is highly regarded as a classical choir, performing regularly in different configurations with other ensembles throughout the Northern Rivers.

Our 9.30am Family Service music team lineup is more contemporary, and piano/guitar based. Children and young families are welcome and catered for within the informal worship service and in a dedicated Kids Church gathering in the hall next door during services. All our helpers and clergy team are accredited with the Office of Children’s Guardian, and comply with relevant Police Checks and Working With Children Check.

Various modern combos, unplugged ensembles and larger lineups featuring rock worship bands and brass are used according to need and availability.