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Evangelising the Corinth’s of Today!

Welcome to Church today as we continue our sermon series on the Acts of the Apostles. In chapters 17-19 Luke is plainly showing the significance of the spread of the gospel into the 3 major cities of the Graeco-Roman World.

They were a good starting point for the Gospel, with Jewish Synagogues, large populations, and influential leaders. Today we find the Apostle Paul leaving Athens, and taking the Gospel into the commercial Centre of Corinth.

Corinth was an economic boom town of around 200,000 people. It was situated on the narrow neck of land that joins central Greece to the peninsula that forms the southern part of mainland Greece. It had two harbours, and the main North and South Land routes also converged at Corinth.

Corinth was also the centre of the worship of the Greek  goddess of love. “Aphrodite”. Her temple had 1000 sacred prostitutes and from the 5th Century BC, the name Corinth was synonymous with sexual immorality. It was into this city that Paul entered with some feeling of trepidation!

Paul lived with, and worked making tents with, the Christian husband and wife team of Aquila and Priscilla. They had been exiled from Rome and ended up in Corinth. Paul initially worked weekdays and preached on the Sabbath, and as such is an encouragement to all of us as we see that evangelism isn’t limited to full time employees of the church!

What’s needed is a PASSION to share the gospel! Fear and intimidation are no excuse to fail to tell people about Jesus if that’s what  God wants us to do! And whilst not everyone is a gifted evangelist, another wonderful role that God calls us to be is encouragers! Aquila and Priscilla encouraged  Paul by the work and accommodation when he was in need. Silas and Timothy encouraged Paul with help from Macedonia, enabling his part time ministry to become full time ministry. And of course God encouraged Paul with the conversion of the Synagogue official and many others as well!

May we all be the people God wants us to be, no matter how daunting  (or pleasant) the environment we live in may seem!

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