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Consecration and Installation of the Reverend Dr Sarah Macneil as our Bishop

c1ad88_d4a736e07b175020302ad1540ff4a8c0.jpg_srz_260_205_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzIn just over a month’s time, on Saturday 1st March, we will begin a new era in the life and ministry of the Diocese of Grafton as we Consecrate and Install the Reverend Dr Sarah Macneil as our Bishop. This is going to be a wonderful day of celebration and I look forward to welcoming you to the Cathedral for this event. 
I know that reserved seating has been issued to each Parish so that they may be represented in the Cathedral for this celebration but that is not the limit of seating. While the Cathedral itself will hold about 400 ticketed seats there will also be another 400 seats freely available in the Parish Centre next door for all who wish to come and share in the day. There will be a live Video and Audio feed to the Parish Centre so that all can fully participate in the celebration. After her Consecration and Installation our new Bishop Sarah will preside at the Eucharist for the first time in Grafton and Holy Communion will be administered in the Parish Centre as well as the Cathedral so that all can share in Communion on the day.
Following the Liturgy there will be the opportunity to mingle in the grounds of the Cathedral with Bishop Sarah and one another. Because it will be the middle of the day local Service Clubs and Organisations will be providing several BBQs in the grounds selling food for lunch:
     Sausage in a Blanket (1 slice of bread) $2
     Sausage Sandwich (2 slices of bread) $3
     Steak Sandwich $5
     Cold Soft Drinks $2
There will also be bottled water freely available to everyone on the day handed out by volunteers.