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Compassion and Forgiveness

Compassion and Forgiveness. Matthew 18: 21-35

It is as though Jesus was attracted in a special way, almost like a magnet, to those who were suffering, or broken or rejected.  He witnessed human weakness and poverty, and he knew that the separation of death is unbearable. 

No barriers were built around the heart of Jesus to protect his vulnerability.  His heart was and still is continually open and loving, yearning to enter into the to-and-fro of friendship, relationship, love and trust, and to be filled by people.  Still he remains vulnerable to rejection.  His heart is a heart that suffers terribly.  It is always so close to anguish and agony, and to the tears of loneliness.  Jesus knew inner pain to an extent that none of us have suffered or can understand.  That is why he understands us so well.  That is why he is so compassionate.  That is why he is so close to each and every human being. 

In the Gospels Jesus spoke often about forgiveness.  He taught that forgiveness is a duty, and that no limit should be set to the extent of forgiveness, and that an unforgiving spirit is one of the most serious of sins.  We must forgive others in the same way as we need to be forgiven, by them and by God.  Forgiveness is the cement that bonds us together, it is understanding and holding the paint of another, it is compassion.  Jesus came to show compassion – He came to forgive.