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Come and See

COME AND SEE – (John 1:43-51

Welcome to Church everyone. Today is the second Sunday after Epiphany and our Gospel reading certainly emphasises this theme, as we see that both Philip and Nathanael, on encountering Jesus, had an epiphany, that is a revelatory insight, into to Jesus’ true identity.

Upon realising that Jesus was the long awaited Messiah, predicted by Moses and the Prophets, Philip, much like Andrew had done the day before (Cf. John 1: 40-42), sought to share the good news of his discovery, with a friend. As such, along with Andrew, Philip is a model of evangelism, particularly evangelism through relationship.

Initially, Nathanael’s response to Philip’s newfound faith in Christ was one of scepticism, yet Philip was not perturbed by Nathanael’s cynicism. Instead he challenged him to see for himself, with the pertinent invitation, come and see.

Nathanael took up the challenge, and upon encountering Jesus, discovered that he is not only the Messiah, but God incarnate, the axis, between heaven and earth.

The reason that Nathanael had this opportunity to discover who Jesus is, is simply because Philip invited him to come and see. We as Christians have the most blessed privilege of gathering together each Sunday to hear from Scripture, to share in Christian fellowship, to worship God and to encounter Christ, but the challenging question is, when did you last invite someone you know, a family member or friend, who does not yet know Christ, to church so that they can encounter Christ for themselves? When did you last invite someone, to come and see?