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Christ’s Coming


A little band of Indian converts in Canada came to a missionary with a strange request.  “We are always hearing what God has done”, they said, “Now tell us what He is going to do.”  What He is going to do!  The Lord himself will come down from Heaven with the voice of archangel and with the trumpet call of God (1 Thess 4:16).

 Learning a good friend is coming to visit we find out how and when and prepare with enthusiasm for that visit.  Scriptures tell us that our Lord & Saviour is coming and that he will transform the whole world and glorify all humanity.  Yet we as Christians appear not to be curious about his return and do not appear to be preparing with enthusiasm or joy.

 The Christians at Thessalonica were disturbed because of their mistaken ideas about Christ’s coming.  They were under the impression that Christ’s coming was soon and were concerned about what would happen to those Christians who die before he comes.  Will they lose out?  Far from it, says Paul.  They will be raised first when he comes.  And the dead and living together will join in the Lord’s triumph and enjoy his presence.  The second coming of Christ was the brightest hope of the early church.  The greatest fact of the past is that Christ came the first time, as a man, and died on the cross to free us from the penalty of sin.  The greatest fact of the future is that he is coming again as a King to free us from the presence of sin. Let us be encouraged by this knowledge and be prepared for his arrival with enthusiasm and joy.