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Joyful Noise

Encountering God in song

Lismore Anglicans’ Joyful Noise is a choir with a difference. When we meet it’s not a rehearsal. We meet to experience life in unity with God and each other. God is our audience. We bring God our worship through song, prayer, . . . → Read More: Joyful Noise

Gospel Truth

gospel truth

Welcome to Church today as we consider the truth of the Gospel as written by the Apostle Paul.


Now Paul was addressing people who were attacking his authority to tell the Gospel, and the truthfulness of his Gospel as well. A . . . → Read More: Gospel Truth

Trinity Sunday


Welcome to Church today as we consider the complexity of God!

We may accept it, and I trust we do, but the Trinity, God in three persons, remains a mystery which is hard to comprehend and explain. And on many levels that . . . → Read More: Trinity Sunday

Beautiful Feet Sunday

More than 4.8 billion people do not know Christ. Over 1.5 billion people have never heard the message of Jesus or met a Christian.

Help CMS missionaries to train and equip local Christians in strategic locations – to set people free with the . . . → Read More: Beautiful Feet Sunday

Becoming Who We Are



In the opening two verses of our focus passage from Colossians, Paul neatly sums up the message of his entire letter. He draws together all the Christological statements from his introduction and the practical implications which are to arise out of . . . → Read More: Becoming Who We Are

Parish Planning Day

planning day

Help us plan for the future.

1.30pm-4pm Sunday 21st April

at St. Peter’s Goonellabah

All welcome.

Hi all,

I’m Looking forward to catching up with you at the Planning day this Sunday!

If possible would you each bring something . . . → Read More: Parish Planning Day

Looking In The Wrong Place

worshipping Jesus

We all like happy endings. Even most violent movies manage an ending that inspires hope for the future.

The Jesus story is one of the best known in history, with an ending that Christians consider the best news of all time. It’s . . . → Read More: Looking In The Wrong Place

Looking for Jesus in all the wrong places

the tomb is empty

As an absent-minded child, I frequently misplaced things. I can remember my mother’s constant refrain each time I told her I had lost something; “where did you last leave it?” I always thought this was a silly question, for . . . → Read More: Looking for Jesus in all the wrong places

Lighting of the New Fire

lighting of the new fire

Easter Vigil and Lighting the New Fire

The Easter Vigil and the Lighting of the New Fire is a beautiful and powerful ceremony held early on Easter Sunday morning celebrating the risen Christ.

It begins in darkness before dawn, . . . → Read More: Lighting of the New Fire

Aussie Sunday Lunch

Dear all,

Just a quick reminder about the Aussie Sunday Lunch that Southern Cross Uni is arranging through local churches for International Students this Sunday 24th Feb.

Tristan and I are running a Bible study for International Students this year, which Tristan started up last . . . → Read More: Aussie Sunday Lunch