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Aussie Sunday Lunch

Tristan DallasDear all,

Just a quick reminder about the Aussie Sunday Lunch that Southern Cross Uni is arranging through local churches for International Students this Sunday 24th Feb.

Tristan and I are running a Bible study for International Students this year, which Tristan started up last year as part of his work with EC on campus.  Most of the students come from China and have never read a Bible or heard the gospel clearly before, so it’s an exciting ministry

The Sunday Lunch is a great opportunity to show hospitality and love to people who have just arrived in Lismore and often feel a bit lost in a new place – meeting locals makes a big difference to their experience and is a great witness of God’s love for them.

If you are able to host some students (they usually come in pairs) for lunch this Sunday, it would be excellent.  It starts at 1215pm at the SCU carpark where you collect your students, and then have lunch with them at your place, aiming to be finished by 3pm.

To be involved, please contact Rob Lingard (the Chaplaincy Coordinator at SCU) (0407 203 390) or let Tristan know (0424 293 250) and we can arrange things.

With love,

Anthea and Tristan