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TO ACMENA JUVENILE JUSTICE IN GRAFTON. The Kairos Prison Ministry has been given permission to conduct a Kairos Torch program at Acmena Juvenile Justice Centre in Grafton, and are looking for committed people to be on team. ‘Kairos Prison Ministry’ has been active for many years in Grafton Corrective Centre until this gaol was rationalised some years ago. However it is hoped the Kairos Torch programme will be able to be conducted within the Grafton based Acmena Juvenile Justice Centre; but we need a team to conduct the program.

The ‘Kairos Torch Program’ aims to increase the sense of self-worth within young offenders through understanding their own values of power loss, victimisation, loss of identity and other non-social values and replacing them with Christian based values of forgiveness, increase of self-worth, and spiritual awareness.

The program has been conducted at the Frank Baxter Juvenile Justice Centre for some years, as well in South Australia and the United States, with positive results. Now there is a chance for the program to be held in Grafton Northern NSW.

A recent workshop about the Kairos Torch Program was recently held at Grafton and the following outcomes were agreed on:-

  • That we make the “Kairos Torch Program” at Acmena Juvenile Justice Centre a personal prayer point.
  • That a list of people who are sincerely committed to helping young people to be on team, and to be prepared to do the required training of over forty hours be assembled.
  • That Christian Aboriginal and Torres Strait island people be encouraged to be part of the ‘Kairos Torch team’.


If there is anyone who feels they may be interested in this Christian outreach work, be sincerely committed to helping young people as well be prepared to do the rigorous training of over forty hours (including working with children screening) prior to conducting the Kairos Torch program may contact Peter Stace 66888203 email plsbees@gmail.com or Fran Legge kiwisquibit@yahoo.com.au for more information.

Peter Stace.