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Joyful Noise

Encountering God in song

Lismore Anglicans’ Joyful Noise is a choir with a difference. When we meet it’s not a rehearsal. We meet to experience life in unity with God and each other. God is our audience. We bring God our worship through song, prayer, . . . → Read More: Joyful Noise

Tolerance and Honesty

tolerance and honesty

Jesus never asked us to worship him, but he persistently asked us as his disciples to follow him.

A trap Christians often make is mistaking discipleship for our preferred forms of worship or chest-thumping arguments about the right way to . . . → Read More: Tolerance and Honesty

Is infant baptism biblical?

children of god

In today’s focus passage from Acts we encounter two Scripture references often used in support of the practice of infant baptism. We learn that upon Lydia’s conversion, she and her whole household were baptized (vs. 15) and . . . → Read More: Is infant baptism biblical?

Conflict? Hope!

Welcome to Church today as we take up from where we left off last year, in Luke’s message of the Acts of the Apostles.

Today’s message picks up shortly after the discussion in Jerusalem about the requirements to be placed on Gentile Converts. The Jerusalem . . . → Read More: Conflict? Hope!

A Sinner’s Love


A Sinner’s Love

sinners love

Jesus had a special way of confronting and challenging people to reconsider their rigid views, attitudes and prejudices. Luke’s version of the woman with the alabaster jar of expensive perfume causes us . . . → Read More: A Sinner’s Love

Gospel Truth

gospel truth

Welcome to Church today as we consider the truth of the Gospel as written by the Apostle Paul.


Now Paul was addressing people who were attacking his authority to tell the Gospel, and the truthfulness of his Gospel as well. . . . → Read More: Gospel Truth

Paul and Slavery


Why did Paul not simply ask for Onesimus to be released from slavery? Why, for that matter, did he not order all Christian slave owners to release all their slaves, rather than profit from an unjust social structure? Slavery . . . → Read More: Paul and Slavery

Effective Faith


Welcome to Church! Today, we’re looking at what it means to have an effective faith, as we look at the introduction of the Apostle Paul’s letter to Philemon.

Paul wrote this letter to Philemon, after Philemon’s slave . . . → Read More: Effective Faith