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Snobbery and Favouritism James 2:1-13

This week James focuses on a problem within the early Christian fellowship that is just as relevant today – snobbery and favouritism. It’s human nature to gravitate towards likeminded people, but too often, the successful, wealthy, and beautiful people attract our attention over those less . . . → Read More: Snobbery and Favouritism James 2:1-13

News from the Bellringers

The Simulator is now fully installed and functional. It is being used to improve our striking. The electromagnetic sensor and wiring was installed by Mike Toze from St Johns Cathedral in Brisbane with assistance from Ken Davis. We can practice some new things without . . . → Read More: News from the Bellringers

Slip of the Tongue?

How are Christians supposed to live? What makes us different? What are the marks of true practical Christianity?

These questions have been asked by generations of believers before us as they sought to be faithful to our Lord while living in a world that’s constantly . . . → Read More: Slip of the Tongue?

A Living Sacrifice

The offering of a sacrifice to God was a religious observance. Genesis records the first sacrifice by Cain and Abel, which states that Abel offered to God an acceptable sacrifice, but gives no account of the origin of the idea. The custom is clearly approved . . . → Read More: A Living Sacrifice


“Beautiful” Prayer Meeting

Wed 17th Aug, 11am

Lismore Baptist Church

“Beautiful” is a program to teach self-worth principles and good choices to young high school girls, to counteract emotional and sexual abuse, and is being recommended by the Lismore Ministers Fellowship.

How great is your faith?

Persistence and determination in our faith will lead us to Jesus, Lord and giver of Life. . . . → Read More: How great is your faith?

River Deep, Mountain High

Welcome to Church today! We trust you find warm fellowship and enjoy praising and worshipping God with us!

This verse from today’s gospel begins Mark’s account of an extraordinary experience of Peter, James and John as they accompanied Jesus:

“Jesus…led them up a high mountain . . . → Read More: River Deep, Mountain High